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aDrums artist  Shells  Owner's Manual

aDrums_Shells_om_01.pdf [PDF:2.6MB]

aDrums artist  Cymbals  Owner's Manual

aDrums_Cymbals_om_01.pdf [PDF:1.6MB]

aDrums artist  Hardware  Owner's Manual

aDrums_Hardware_om_01.pdf [PDF:595.1KB]


aDrums artist  Setup Guide

aDrums_setup_01.pdf [PDF:2.6MB]

How to assemble the hi-hat clutch for aDrums artist & EXS series hi-hats.

Assemble the hi-hat clutch of aDrums & EXS_EN_3.pdf[PDF:221.5KB]

aDrums Trigger settings when using other manufacturer's sound modules

aDrums_l_trigparam_others_ej02.pdf [PDF:122KB]

For what type of people do you recommend the aDrums?
  • People who want to enjoy performing with genuinely good acoustic drum sounds
  • People who want to play dynamically even at home
  • People who want realistic drum sounds that won't turn to mush in a music production
  • People who want low volume in a café or event while keeping the visual aspects of acoustic drums
Why do the aDrums sound good?
Previous drum sound modules were prone to sound degradation and phase changes caused by the sound editing functions used to disassemble and reassemble the sound, or due to the looping that was used to decrease the size of the data.
For the aD5, which is the sound module of the aDrums, we developed technology to capture instruments in superb condition at high resolution, and instantly play back gigantic amounts of data. The attack of a snare, the decay of a cymbal or tom, and even the subtleties of the studio ambience are all reproduced in every detail. For details, refer to the aD5 page.
How many types of sounds does the aDrums have?
The aD5 drum sound module comes with five bass drums, five snare drums, four tom sets, five hi-hats, five ride cymbals, and thirteen crash cymbals.
In addition to these sounds, you can select and add your choice of sounds from the ATV sound store. For details, refer to the aD5 page.
Can I play using brushes?
Playing with brushes is not supported.
What is the difference between the ADA-STDSET Standard Set and the Expanded Set ADA-EXPSET Expanded Set?
The ADA-EXPSET Expanded Set adds a 10" tom (aD-T10), a 16" crash cymbal (aD-C16), and a tom/cymbal stand (ADA-TCS) to the ADA-STDSET Standard Set.
I purchased an ADA-STDSET Standard Set. Can I later upgrade to the ADA-EXPSET Expanded Set?
Yes. Purchase the ADA-EXPACK Expand Pack.
I already have the aD5. Can I purchase drums and cymbals individually or as a set?
If you already have the aD5 and would like to have the Standard Set ADA-STDSET, please purchase the ADA-BSPACK Basic Pack and the ADA-HWPACK Hardware Pack.
If you would like to have the Expanded Set ADA-EXPSET, purchase the ADA-EXPACK Expand Pack in addition to the above.
Drums, cymbals, and hardware are also sold individually.
Can I use aDrums drums/cymbals in combination with other manufacturer’s sound modules?
We’ve released information about trigger settings when using aDrums in combination with other manufacturer’s sound modules.
Please refer to the PDF “Trigger settings when using other manufacturer’s sound modules” on the download page.
* In combination with other manufacturer’s products, operation is not guaranteed.

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