Electronic Musical Instrument Development Plan for fiscal year 2020

ATV Corporation wishes to announce its electronic musical instrument development plan for 2020 as follows:
In August 2017 ATV launched ‘aDrums’, a groundbreaking electronic drums system that established new design standards modeled on acoustic drums and cymbals. The subsequent success of aDrums in bridging the gap between acoustic and electronic drums has undoubtedly influenced market trends and expectations ever since. In 2020, we see the competition belatedly following ATV’s lead by launching similar acoustic kit-style electronic drums. Competition is expected to intensify and ATV has responded by reviewing its product development strategy. ATV’s goal in 2020 is to provide new products in the form of sound content, applications, and web services linked to the cloud. This comprehensive set of products is designed to enhance and extend the functions of existing hardware so that aDrums and EXS series electronic drums remain cutting edge both now and in the future.
At the heart of aDrums is the aD5, one of the best sounding electronic drum modules available today. ATV’s sound design approach focuses on the production of high-resolution samples of acoustic drums and cymbals. The aim has always been to inspire drummers with stunning sounds that deliver the most realistic experience of acoustic drums and cymbals possible. ATV also recognizes the needs of its end-users who want to access new sound content. This is why ATV established the SOUND STORE site to release additional sounds for purchase and download. This service, unique to ATV, ensures that the aD5 and xD3 sound modules can continually evolve and be refreshed with new content.

In 2020, ATV will produce and release new drum sounds in partnership with CANOPUS –
a Japanese acoustic drum maker respected and loved by professional and amateur drummers around the world. This special collaboration focuses on the co-production of fully endorsed Canopus drum sound instruments for aDrums. These Canopus instruments will be available for purchase and download via the ATV SOUND STORE.
By applying the characteristic sounds of Canopus drums to ATV’s aDrums, the aim is to authentically reproduce the unique sounds of an acoustic drum manufacturer for electronic drums. The two companies view this collaboration as a significant step forward for the industry, a pioneering move to further break down the barriers between electronic drums and acoustic drums, one that holds the prospect of promoting market expansion in each sector. Both companies are convinced; collaboration is the way forward.

In 2020, ATV will also be releasing the ‘aD5 Remote Controller’ application, a really effective tool designed to support the use of aDrums in live performance situations, the studio, or at home when practicing. This extended mixer application for iOS/ Android tablets enables the user to remotely control the aD5 via Wi-Fi so that instant changes can be made to instrument volume and panning. The app can also be used to select and change pad sound sources or load drum kits. This app should really appeal to drummers who perform live onstage with aDrums as it allows the live sound engineer to remotely adjust the aD5 sub mix from the ‘Front of House’ mixing console.

For owners of EXS series electronic drums, ATV is excited to be launching a new ‘EXS Kit Creation’ feature on the ATV SOUND STORE in 2020. This great feature is available to any EXS series model owner who has registered their kit on the sound store. When logged in, the ‘EXS Kit Creation’ feature allows the user to design a custom kit from the available selection of high-quality drum and cymbal instruments. The user can then download the kit to their computer, copy it to the xD3 sound module’s SD card, and then import it just like any other EXS series kit.

Ever since the company’s founding in 2013, ATV has been deeply committed to exploring innovative product development. In 2020, ATV’s passion for development remains unchanged, while recognizing that ‘innovation’ is about more than just infusing traditional musical instruments with the latest advances in digital technologies. For any company making music products today, the process of innovation must also consider the dynamic social context and how consumer expectations about products are being continually reshaped by our increasing connectivity and online experiences.

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